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Real people, real reviews. Our clients invest in their personal goals with the guidance of our Madison Matchmakers. Three decades of proven success shown by our verified BBB rating and Google reviews.

“ Being able to go on (mostly) blind dates but knowing that the other person is also wanting a serious relationship is a breath of fresh air. I’ve been working with Taylor and the IJL team and they have been supportive and passionate about finding the perfect match for me as well as answering any questions I have. I appreciate everything that they have done for me so far. Just make sure to communicate back and forth and provide feedback as this should help both the IJL team and yourself to continue to go on dates to find the right person. ”

— Alonzo   (google.com)
January 2024
“ I was going through some tough times with a past relationship and IJL counseled me through it all.  When I was ready, IJL helped me prepare to date again. After only four dates, I found a compatible partner.  Three years later, we will be married!
I cannot say enough great things about how IJL changed my life! ”

— SS   (google.com)
November 2023
“ IJL is definitely a game changer for me. They make dating fun again and really listen to what I am looking for in a relationship. Happy I took the leap and can’t wait to see what comes next in my dating journey! ”

— Ell W.   (bbb.org)
November 2023
“ The matchmakers are great!! Kudos to Taylor and Virginia who are always friendly and very helpful. When talking to them on the phone, you know they are smiling when talking to them. They have nothing but the best interest of the people they are assisting. ”

— Andy M   (google.com)
September 2023
“ "I have been looking for 4 years on every dating app there is. I know every scam possible. IJL has literally saved me from my own self. I spent my every waking hour trying to meet a quality man. I no longer have to do this. Virginia and her staff and Camille are just the best. They put my mind and body at ease and I am here for the adventure. My faith has been restored in gentlemen. I can't express how grateful I am to IJL. Looking forward to a few more dates to see who finds me to their living. I know this will happen.." ”

— Susan B   (google.com)
May 2023
“ I started using Its Just Lunch about 2 months ago, they really took the time to get to know me and dive deep into what I am looking for in a partner. Their customer care and support are always nice friendly and there to help, and are also forgiving. I have been on a few dates so far with no luck but that hasn’t stopped me from continuing, the next date may be her. I am excited to be apart of this service and to hopefully meet someone to share my life with. ”

— Ethan G   (google.com)
January 2023
“ Finding like minded people was harder than I thought in the dating world. The team of Camille, Taylor and Virginia along with the format of IJL provided a safe experience with gentlemen that were vetted with my needs and desires in mind. Through the interview process and the debrief after a date, I quickly started to learn more about myself and what I expect/desire in a partner. As I learned about myself the IJL team was honing in on the important aspects of a compatible match. They are good at what they do as I currently have put my membership on hold and am exploring the possibilities with a match. ”

— Marta L   (bbb.org)
January 2023
“ The team is wonderful and the service is really personalized! This is way better than any dating app out there. ”

— Lauren P   (google.com)
November 2022
“ Moving up to IJL from lower-intensity dating websites was a game-changer for me in my search for a serious match. The approach, format, methodology and connectivity are more suited for my lifestyle and also my interest in cutting through the red tape to arrive at a face-to-face chat. I handed over the frustrating up-front, narrow-down part of the dating experience to IJL and Virginia, my personal dating consigliere. She explained the terms and made me comfortable with the blind-date concept. Virginia crafted my profile after a Q&A session by phone so I didn't have to agonize over the 'sell myself' or 'stand-out from the crowd' concerns I had on the other meat market dating sites. I was looking for a high-quality woman with serious relationship intentions. However, this combination did not jump off the page using other dating websites. Surely these individuals can be found on IJL and also the mainline dating websites. But the IJL secret is: You know that the women on IJL are serious. I was able to quickly meet and chat with women who showed up on day one with their 'A' game. This was an entirely refreshing outcome over the low-cost, low effort dating websites. As a result, the way that I came to think about dating changed from pessimism to a more positive and optimistic outlook! Virginia took the lead and found suitable and compatible dates for me ahead of time. Then she arranged a briefing to discuss, describe, and illustrate a prospective woman's profile. The energy and excitement in her voice and presentation really set the connection up, right then and there! I had thought that a relationship would begin on the first date, but Virginia's advocacy for the potential match moved the start up one additional step on the calendar to when she vividly described the match from her custom-crafted profile. Virginia gave me confidence that the date had real potential and I was left with the feeling that Virginia had not only screened my date, but also knew something more. ”

— Mark K.   (google.com)
October 2022
“ Solid service. Good communication. Easy to work with. All round if you’re looking for a quality matchmaking experience I would recommend IJL. ”

— Zachary L.   (google.com)
October 2022
“ It's evident the team at IJL Milwaukee really cares about finding their client's perfect match. Anytime I called with an update I could hear in both Tayler's & Virginia's voice how excited and happy they were about the recent developments in the budding relationship they helped me establish. I had interviewed other match makers prior to using IJL, and I truly believe you will have a hard time finding a company that puts in the same effort and care Camille, Tayler, & Virginia put into my profile. I will continue to recommend them to anyone I know looking to find their forever match. ”

— Carolina O.   (bbb.org)
September 2022
“ This organization works diligently on behalf of their clients. They go out of their way to establish good matches and also has created an excellent profile of me based on the information I provided. I greatly appreciate the time and effort Virginia and Taylor have put into setting me up with blind dates. ”

— Melissa K.   (bbb.org)
July 2022
“ Very new to this process, but love the results so far. I've tried other alternatives with little success. The staff takes much of the headaches away that you would normally have with other methods. I like the surprise aspect of it in that you know just enough about your match to get you started. The quality of people I've met so far has been outstanding and the staff has been great in keeping constant contact with me along the way ”

— Steven S   (bbb.org)
May 2022
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